Infoplus MDM provides integrated cloud-based solutions that generate accurate and compliant master data to streamline your operations. Our modularised MDM solutions, delivered through the Midas platform, cover multiple master data domains including materials, assets, vendors, products and services. Midas connects with multiple ERPs including SAP, Oracle and Maximo via web-services, accessed through Single Sign On technologies for simple user access. Alternatively, depending on your preferences, Midas is also available as an on-premises solution. The Midas multi-tenant, multi-domain SaaS platform operates in multiple languages. Infoplus Midas version 3 utilises MVC technologies, and offers simple-to-use, attractive user-interfaces. Midas enables corporate digital transformation, both during the project implementation phase as well as ongoing Business as Usual mode.


At Infoplus, we recognise that standardised, enhanced and compliant master data is fundamental to your operations. Midas layers on top of high quality data a user-friendly search engine, directly accessed from your ERP, which interrogates and leverages that data, presenting users with timely, valuable, accurate content.

The Midas rapid google-like search capability provides end-users with swift and easy capability to find, order and consume materials data. Searching can be fine-tuned with multiple parametric controls on individual search criteria, enabling maintenance, inventory, procurement and supply chain to efficiently access critical information, quickly and logically drilling-down to individual items.

Search results are presented in a simple and intuitive user-interface, allowing users to simultaneously compare multiple materials, combining all relevant data, descriptions, documents and ERP information including plant stock on hand, together with images and drawings.

Benefits of improved searching are increased maintenance hands-on-tools-time, improved inventory management, reductions in down time and stock-outs, and more efficient materials ordering.


Midas is a cloud-based software package designed to quickly standardise and enrich legacy master data across multiple facilities, utilising the technical dictionary and Master Data Standards.

This centralised SaaS model provides the required levels of control and visibility essential for managing the complexities and dispersed working environments inherent in global legacy data-cleansing projects.

Midas undertakes multiple live duplicate checks on multiple criteria during the cleansing process, to ensure the creation of golden, unique records.

The Infoplus cataloguing team record research and enhancement sources such as urls and technical data sheets, to ensure full item auditability.

Where appropriate, Infoplus subject matter experts raise tickets inside Midas for problematic materials (e.g. contradictory descriptive information) and these items are routed to appropriate users for clarification and further inspection.

During processing, every material is reviewed for compliance against the defined standards appropriate for that material (e.g. OEM or commodity), and Midas automatically generates ERP-ready output descriptions.


Midas contains a complete set of dictionary templates to catalogue all MRO and indirect items, ranging from items in everyday use to industry-specific commodities. The market-leading technical dictionary, developed progressively through cataloguing millions of records in multiple industries, is fundamental to the Midas data cleaning and governance module.

Dictionary templates are structured in the noun-modifier-attribute hierarchy, complete with all required value controls, number formats and value dependencies.

The Midas dictionary is compliant with international and industry standards including UNSPSC and eOTD classifications, and templates contain definitions and help-text to aid end-users, together with images and training manuals.

The Master Data Standards rule-book, standing alongside the dictionary and embedded inside Midas, details your corporate data standards and ensures that only compliant materials data enters your ERP.


Midas Software as a Service provides an elegant and fully configurable new item request portal for end-users to request, extend, modify and archive materials, with appropriate defined workflows and approvals.

The entire request process and approvals workflow is managed seamlessly inside the Midas application, encompassing all relevant master data fields, improving the ease and control for new record creation.

On completion of the request, approval and cataloguing process, compliant records are syndicated directly to your ERP via our web services connector.

Midas adds control and visibility to the new item creation process, as well as improving data quality at source, ensuring only compliant material master records enter your ERP.

Studies have demonstrated time and again how poor quality data has undermined costly SAP and Oracle implementations. Midas SaaS governance module works with your ERP to create better quality master data at source, enabling a better functioning ERP, and allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your ERP investment.


Midas asset management module enables users to capture and record the master data essential for plant asset management activities. This allows asset-intensive companies full visibility of assets and hierarchies, plant maintenance routines, Bills of Material and linkage to spare parts.

The Midas asset hierarchy is structured in accordance with ISO 14224 standards, configurable for the specific layout of each company and operating plant. The elegant and interactive Midas GUI records individual asset criticality, risk and impact assessment.

The Midas asset module’s SPIR component replaces traditional SPIR spreadsheets with a highly configurable portal, linked to assets, spares and dictionaries, allowing spare parts records to create accurate data at source.

Based on the ISO 14224 compliant equipment classification structure, Midas enables the structured classification of all assets and equipments, captures documents, and displays the asset hierarchy, Bills of Material and functional location.

The Midas plant maintenance module incorporates all fields essential to capturing maintenance activities, including job plans, routes, task lists, labour, materials, tools and services, together with failure modes and repair strategies, allowing you to build preventative maintenance work orders.

Midas asset module acts as the MDM tool to capture initial data, allowing for compliant asset information to be syndicated to your ERP.


Unlike materials which are physically stored in inventory and handled and used for direct consumption, service masters describe externally procured intangible goods used for direct consumption. These services include maintenance tasks such as machine repair, plumbing, painting and housekeeping, transport and logistics, as well as consultancy services.

The Midas MDM service module provides the software solution to manage this entire process, be the services planned or unplanned.

Midas creates a service dictionary that is bespoke and based on corporate activity, though adhering to spend classification structures, enabling the generation of consistent and structured service descriptions.

The Midas MDM service master module utilises the dictionary to record the service category, description and unit of measure, and to create master data that provides a single point of reference, enabling the same record to be used repetitively.

The approvals workflow for new services requests are managed inside Midas, including information such as Tax Indicators and Purchasing Data.

On completion of the workflow process, compliant data and standardized tasks are syndicated in real-time at client-level to your ERP.


The Midas vendor module provides a comprehensive software solution for controlling and managing vendor master data. The module performs legacy vendor data-cleaning, as well as providing the initial data entry point for new vendor creations and updates in ongoing vendor governance mode.

Each client, and each ERP, has different requirements for vendor data, be they suppliers or customers. The required fields typically commence with names, addresses and contact details, then rapidly diverge into a myriad of VAT, GST and bespoke tax codes, to mandatory national legislation requirements, to corporate specific and marketing information. The essential point is that each corporate has distinct requirements, with each finance, marketing, sales and legal team seeking their own data for reporting and compliance.

The Midas vendor portal is designed specifically for this complexity and the individual needs of organisations and diverse business units. Fields – both optional and mandatory – are defined and configured in Midas, together with field and number formats. The Midas configurable design ensures that vendor information is captured in accordance with the requirements of the receiving ERP.

Midas workflows seamlessly route vendor creations and updates to the appropriate users and roles, both internal and external, ensuring compliance with the defined processes.

Midas communicates with vendors and end-users to obtain additional information and to upload documents, as well as to clarify ambiguous entries. Tickets are raised inside the application, ensuring centralised control of queries, and full visibility of all records.

Midas dashboards quickly field fill rates and compliance, enabling BI and analytics, as well as pro-actively improving data compliance. On conclusion of the workflow process, the Midas vendor portal communicates via web-services in real-time with your ERP, ensuring key vendor information is accurate and up-to-date.

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