Physical Verification

Getting your master data accurate, consistent and compliant takes time, and at Infoplus MDM we aim to take the burden off your shoulders. Our experienced offshore data cleaning team and our vast pool of Vendor Standardised Data aims to cleanse every record to the high standard rightly demanded by our customers. On every project, however, we find some records are impossible to make compliant using our remote standardisation and enhancement processes, and it is necessary to undertake physical inspection of these items, also called a walkdown.

Additionally, some critical spares require individual verification to ensure accuracy. Sometimes, for duplicates, we find that the only way to resolve potential duplicates is through picking up the items and doing visual comparisons. In other words, getting your data to the levels that you want often requires onsite physical inspection. At Infoplus MDM these critical activities are undertaken by our large pool of experienced engineers, equipped with the Midas handheld app. Our engineers have many years of plant experience, in the related disciplines of materials management, plant maintenance and inventory management. Although this activity is slower and more costly than remote data cleaning, it is an important step in the process of creating high quality, trustworthy material masters.

Define The Scope

  • Identify the categories and items to be inspected
  • Agree the timings and numbers of walkdown items
  • Agree plant support required
  • Identify bin locations of all walkdown items

Software and technology

  • State-of-the-art Midas app to identify, record and transmit information
  • High resolution cameras to capture electronic images of items
  • Data synchronisation between tablets and Midas software


  • Ensure our team do not impact on the daily plant operations
  • Update description with additional technical detail
  • Identify missing item information
  • Resolve conflicting item information
  • Identify duplicates
  • Photograph items for loading into Midas and your ERP
  • Undertake stock counts, if required
  • Identify item quality, if required
  • Identify if items are not in the bin
  • Undertake training of plant resources, as required

The Costs Of Not Undertaking Walkdowns

  • Non-compliant items being returned for loading into your ERP
  • Multiple unresolved item queries
  • Missed duplicates and excess plant inventory
  • Using costly and busy plant resources to resolve data queries
  • Reduced wrench time of your expensive maintenance engineers


  • Consistent, accurate and structured descriptions
  • Golden materials data
  • Resolution of duplicates
  • Resolution of that “tail” of “stuck” materials
  • Connecting digital data with physical reality
  • Reduce inventory count
  • Increase maintenance productivity
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