Data as a Service

Your resources are overloaded. And on top of long, stressful day jobs, employees are now being asked to undertake additional project activities. Your team is stretched to breaking point, tempers are fraying and staff are unhappy. Deadlines and Service Level Agreements are missed, assignments are rushed and completed to sub-standard results, and employees are asked to undertake activities beyond their areas of specialism. End users request new material masters and vendors, but requests take weeks to get completed.

The business impact stretches across the master data domains: spare parts fail to arrive, maintenance are unable to complete tasks to schedule, and new vendorsare not created on time. Infoplus MDM provides simple and cost-effective solutions. Our Data as a Service liberates your end-users from data-cataloguing, allowing your internal resources to focus on their strengths, knowledge and specialisms. Midas cloud-based software links seamlessly to your ERP, and ensures materials and vendor requests are processed according to defined business workflows and to agreed standards. Infoplus specialist offshore resources process your requests, ensuring full data compliance and integrity, rapidly turning around end-user requirements. Materials are fully catalogued at source, and new vendors are created with full supporting documentation. Infoplus MDM Data as a Service combines software and services to create golden data and ensure your plant and business operations can perform at maximum capability.

The “as-is” situation

  • Overloaded internal resources
  • You are creating incomplete and non-compliant requests
  • Turnaround times are not in accordance with business requirements

Our Approach


  • Define the governance model
  • Define “to-be” data standards and policies
  • Define business process for new item and new vendor creations
  • Ensure availability of suitable roles and resources

Standardise Services Data

  • Configure Midas as per definitions and workflows
  • Seamlessly integrate your ERP with Midas
  • Configure Midas vendor creation and new item creation pages
  • Prepare dictionary templates and standards to ensure useful, relevant data
  • Organise mandatory data fields and documents

Create Long-Term Governance Solutions

  • Our resources catalogue and standardise materials and vendor requests
  • Your data is created fully compliant at source
  • All mandatory fields and documents are populated, always
  • Automatic, in-built duplicate checks
  • Your resources are free to focus on their areas of specialisms


  • You produce the goods, we produce the data
  • Liberate your front-line from labour-intensive data activities
  • Your specialist resources focus on their strengths
  • We create your trusty, reliable and compliant data, at source
  • Business critical data properly defined and managed
  • Only compliant data enters your ERP
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