Material Master Data Cleaning Consultancy

Infoplus MDM have provided expert data cleaning and consultancy services on every continent (except Antarctica). Our large team of dedicated subject matter experts cover all technical domains, and have processed millions of material records for scores of clients in multiple industry verticals. Master data projects are inherently complex, and our successful solutions combine niche software and our deep specialist services. Effective implementations and projects often require a combination of internal and specialist external resources, and our large team of qualified, experienced professionals add value to your organisation, both during the project phase and during long-term governance. Infoplus MDM work with you to ensure you have a suitable blend of internal and external resources, our professionals are appropriate to your needs, and our personnel are able to seamlessly blend in with - and add value to - your team.

Dictionary Consultants And Subject Matter Experts

Dictionary Consultants

We recognise that while master data has vast similarities across industry, each sector and organisation is different. Your company needs to balance international standards with the specific needs of your own unique consumers of data. Our dictionary consultants marry the technical dictionary, your material master and the requirements of your multiple, diverse end-users, and ensure that your dictionary templates, while based on international standards, adhere to your own specific business requirements. We draft and agree corporate-wide data cleaning standards, build consensus and ensure that all cataloguing is undertaken in accordance with the agreed rules and processes. During cataloguing, our dictionary consultants work with you to ensure that individual material master issues are discussed and satisfactorily resolved. Working with you, our consultants are the key resource in defining and agreeing the detail of the strategic standards, and to monitor activity to ensure that the material master is built in accordance with these standards.

Senior Material Cataloguers

We have a large and unrivalled pool of experienced, professionally qualified subject matter experts, with relevant domain expertise. Infoplus MDM cataloguers match your data to our structured vendor catalogue, and are responsible for standardising and enhancing your materials in accordance with established dictionaries, protocols and conventions. Our senior cataloguers have detailed understanding of dictionary standards and cataloguing structures, and ensure the consistency and accuracy of your material master data. Infoplus MDM subject matter experts are a key resource in eliminating duplicates and ensuring a consistent, structured and compliant material master.

Business As Usual Cataloguers

Our experienced, qualified subject matter experts possess relevant domain expertise, and are responsible for cataloging master data materials in accordance with established dictionaries, protocols and conventions in an ongoing governance mode. Our senior Business as Usual cataloguers have detailed understanding of international standards and industry best-practice, and act as a key long-term gatekeeper in the material master data funnel, ensuring future-state data consistency and accuracy. Request turnaround times are agreed in Service Level Agreements, and Business as Usual catalogers operate remotely or onsite.

Project Consultants And Project Managers

MDM Project Consultants And Project Managers

MDM project consultants and project managers occupy the crucial middle ground between business, material master end-users and our production team and subject matter experts, and are central to a successful implementation. Our consultants play a key role in project definition, ensuring the diverse user expectations and requirements are aligned with project scope and outcomes. Possessing familiarity with all aspects of MDM projects and their complexity, our experienced consultants and project managers operate in this key middle ground during the design, build, implementation, testing and go-live phases.

SAP MM Consultants

Our experienced SAP MM consultants support and implement materials management requirements, based on user and corporate demands, understanding the specificities of each implementation. At a general level, Infoplus SAP MM consultants propose, program, configure, document and test business solutions in SAP MM according to your functional requirements. Our consultants have business and technical skills and expertise, and are familiar with data modelling, data governance, business processes, web-services integrations, PI integrations and plug-ins, possess cross-domain knowledge in areas such as Business Intelligence, as well as working closely with ABAP development teams.

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