Consultancy Support

Infoplus MDM provides a wide-range of onsite and offsite master data consultancy services and support, covering numerous aspects of materials, inventory and warehouse management. Effective operations often require a combination of internal and specialist external resources, and our large team of qualified, experienced professionals work alongside your resources and add value to your organisation, during both project mode and ongoing business as usual activities. We work with you to ensure you have a suitable blend of internal and external resources, our professionals are appropriate to your needs, and our personnel are able to seamlessly blend in with - and add value to - your team.

material analyst

Material analysts ensure a smooth flow of materials between your company's distribution chains. Infoplus MDM material analysts manage and distribute stock, ensure your inventory needs are up-to-date, including for future projects, and maintain detailed records for your pro-active inventory optimization strategies. Stock includes indirect materials and spares for production, as well as products for distribution. Material analysts track inventory trends and demands, as well as initiating money-saving opportunities.

materials coordinator and managers

Materials coordinators and managers oversee production schedules and supervise the movement of goods between departments to ensure that the appropriate goods, documents and products are timeously available in the supply chain. Infoplus MDM materials specialists work with department supervisors to review department priorities, production and shipping schedules to determine upcoming and any unexpected material requirements, as well as identifying overdue materials. Our materials coordinators compile and maintain detailed computerized records.

material planners

Material planners are responsible for scheduling and planning the correct volumes of materials, goods and products inbound to your business from your supply chain companies. Infoplus MDM material planners forecast and monitor parts and indirect spares to ensure that your company doesn't run out of the materials needed to keep production flowing smoothly. Working with maintenance and customer demand, our material planners agree schedules for ordering materials and maintaining efficient inventories, and ensure the supply of materials meets your business requirements.

material controllers and forecasters

Material controllers and forecasters are responsible for managing the flow of your inventory and ensuring the ready availability of stock for your consumption. Infoplus MDM controllers analyse data and generate management reports, and work with suppliers to improve and optimize supply of spare parts and materials. Our professionals replenish and manage your stock within agreed commercial boundaries. Our specialists forecast future demand, including new production lines, promotional activities and seasonal demands.

material boM specialists

Material Bills of Material specialists are responsible for creating and maintaining accurate and consistent multi-level BoMs for plant maintenance activities, using inter alia P&ID, general arrangement diagrams and single line diagrams. Infoplus MDM BoM specialists review engineering changes and update BoMs as required, as well as communicating appropriate changes with your external departments, and communicating with designers to ensure design documentation is correctly interpreted. They investigate implementation issues and process feedback and updates accordingly. Our specialists maintain new and modify existing Computer Aided Design management systems.

CMMS executives

Computerised Maintenance Management System executives maintain the computerized databases that underpin scheduling, maintenance and operations. Infoplus MDM CMMS executives ensure that data is accurately and timeously recorded, and produce regular reports on maintenance scheduling as well as spare parts warehouse locations. More strategically, our CMMS executives provide management with accurate, detailed inventory reports as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.

vendor and supplier master executives

We have a large body of skilled and qualified resources who are experienced in the process of creating and modifying vendor and supplier data, including the collation, verification and documentation of appropriate source material. Infoplus MDM resources undertake these activities remotely or onsite, in both legacy clean-up and Business as Usual mode.

service master executives

Our service master executives are experienced in cataloguing services according to the agreed structures and processes, as well as updating records as required. Infoplus MDM resources undertake these activities remotely or onsite, in both legacy clean-up and Business as Usual mode.

warehouse inventory auditors

Warehouse inventory auditors keep data records and manage stock, physically counting warehouse items, investigating discrepancies and matching counts to ensure accurate data in computer inventories. By efficiently managing reconciling stock levels and ERP information, Infoplus MDM warehouse inventory auditors inform materials requirements and more efficient methods of coordinating supply and demand, improving company purchasing, planning and forecasting.

inventory controller and specialists

Inventory controllers oversee the flow of inventory in and out of the warehouse, covering a variety of tasks such as ordering, delivery, loading, shipment, maintenance and storage. Infoplus MDM inventory controllers are proficient in the use of all major inventory software, communicate with departmental managers to make sure items are replenished and to maintain appropriate stocking levels, as well as ensuring inventory accuracy, enabling orders for spares and distribution to be fulfilled on time and in full.

inventory reconcilers

Inventory reconcilers are responsible for timely and accurate reconciliation of computerised store inventories to physical counts, and to investigate and resolve variances. Infoplus MDM inventory reconcilers follow your rules and procedures to conduct, with a high degree of accuracy, your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end physical counts and reconciliations.

inventory analyst

Inventory analysts monitor and anticipate stock consumption for each type of material and product required by the business. Infoplus MDM inventory analysts ensure that your distribution centers and warehouses maintain appropriate inventory levels to meet anticipated usage, production and sales demands.

warehouse managers and material supervisors

Warehouse managers supervise the operation of a storeroom and all aspects of operations and materials including ordering, receiving, processing, recording and distributing your supplies and materials. Infoplus MDM experienced warehouse managers supervise staff, prepare and maintain detailed records and files, are responsible for workplace health and safety standards, and ensure the security of building and stock.

warehouse coordinators

Responsible for handling all aspects of materials and product movement, relating both to physical parts as well as the materials management system. Infoplus MDM warehouse coordinators undertake multiple warehouse activities from weighing, measuring and recording freight to entering data into the ERP to loading and moving products and operating fork lift trucks.

warehouse associates

Warehouse associates undertake multiple activities including receiving, storing, handling, packing, preparing and distributing materials. Infoplus MDM associates undertake a variety of tasks such as utilising material handling equipment, inspecting products for defects and damages, examining incoming and outgoing shipments, and organising warehouse space.

warehouse roustabouts

Roustabouts handle the loading and unloading of equipment and assist in general operations around the rig. Infoplus MDM roustabouts are flexible in providing appropriate manual labour to support your operations, including helping clean the drilling area and equipment as well as moving parts and materials.

warehouse forklift operators

Forklift operators run powered industrial trucks to load and unload materials and deliveries and move them to and from storage areas, machines and loading docks, into trucks, railroad cars, shuttle cars, trucks or storage facilities. Infoplus MDM forklift operators are responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle, hold appropriate certifications and work with your production schedule to assist smooth-running warehouse operations.

warehouse yard supervisors

Yard supervisors oversee employees within the warehouse and supervise the efficient operation of vehicles within the yard. Infoplus MDM warehouse yard supervisors possess relevant warehouse experience and ensure that materials, equipment and vehicles are transported in accordance with company policies and procedures.

warehouse data entry specialist

Data entry specialists are responsible for data input into company ERP system using established procedures. Our Infoplus MDM data entry experts are experienced in all major warehouse and maintenance systems, as well as being meticulous and diligent.

SAP materials management (MM) consultants

SAP MM consultant and specialists participate in SAP implementation and/or support and maintenance projects within the materials management modules. Our experienced Infoplus MDM consultants have strong backgrounds designing, developing and interfacing with SAP data targets and experience in customisation of SAP MM business processes. As such, our specialists prepare functional designs, undertake systems configuration, and maintain documentation, as well out carry out testing and systems deployment.

SAP plant maintenance (PM) consultants

SAP PM consultants provide applications and solutions consulting to project teams by analyzing and translating business requirements to provide effective solutions through configuration or development, contributing to the development, implementation and execution of procure to pay and plant maintenance processes. Infoplus PM specialists have many years’ experience implementing solutions in preventative and planned maintenance, corrective maintenance, condition based maintenance, repair and refurbishment, resource management and master data management.

SAP PR and PO coordinators

Our coordinators create Purchase Requisition and Purchase Orders in SAP for your supplies and materials for both routine and impromptu purchases and liaise with vendors to schedule delivery and associated documentation.

SAP BOM engineers

A Bill of Materials is the detailed list of parts, assemblies and components that are required to make a product, often being a multi-level document that includes multiple sub-assemblies, i.e. products within products. The BoM includes the instructions to gather and use the materials, in other words the recipe and shopping list. Infoplus MDM BoM engineers are experienced in utilising Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools, and ensure that the complete, correct and consistent information is recorded in the BoM, allowing multiple subset disciplines, notably purchasing, engineering and manufacturing, to efficiently consume BoM data.

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