Product Content Management

Content management is all about getting the right products to the right customers at the right time. The proven correlation between product detail and web-sales makes accurate, comparable and searchable product information a fundamental requirement of a modern content management system. If the heart of the product system is the content, the life-blood are the standards, underlying dictionary structure, processes, controls and knowledgeable cataloguing resources. Together, this allows content to be high-quality, structured and consistent, and attractive to end-users. Infoplus MDM provides long-term product content solutions that generates golden records that are created, stored and governed centrally, and simultaneously consumed by multiple platforms, according to their own rules and requirements.

Our implementations utilise leading software, are based on international standards, follow consistent processes and are delivered by a large team of experienced professionals. The outputs of the project are corporate-wide dictionary standards, consistent and marketing-rich descriptions, and duplicate elimination. In other words, golden product data. This enables efficient searching and improved sales.

midas Product Content Management

The Costs Of Poor Quality Product Data

  • Consumers unable to search and find the desired products
  • Lack of data standards
  • Incomplete and inconsistent data
  • Inconsistent product hierarchies
  • Widespread product duplication
  • Poorly performing ERPs

Our Approach

Define Your Standards

  • Utilise our market-leading multi-language product dictionary
  • Modify the dictionary based on your products and your requirements
  • Define product cataloguing rules and standards
  • Define ERP-specific description output standards
  • Define on-boarding processes for data from different systems, suppliers and sources

Ongoing Governance Solutions

  • Utilise the defined global standards for ongoing governance
  • Ensure the product master remains clean, structured and consistent
  • Define governance workflows and processes
  • Ensure the product master remains free of duplicates
  • Enable mass data updates, in accordance with product seasonality
  • Easily onboard changed and additional product content sources

Standardise And Enhance Product Data

  • Enforce data and dictionary standards to build consistent and compliant descriptions
  • Transform inconsistent manufacturer data into rich, marketing-driven content
  • Link products to international classification standards
  • Create and maintain localised catalogues for discrete market segments, micro-sites and mobile devices
  • Standardise and enrich new product sources utilising underlying standards and structures
  • Brochures, product images and data sheets enhance the product's appeal


  • Corporate-wide data standards and governance processes and a single source of the truth
  • Consistent, structured high quality product descriptions delivered across all channels
  • Improved online customer satisfaction and sales
  • Integration with all business systems and your e-Commerce platform
  • Improved ERP performance
  • Enhanced product descriptions increase search rankings
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