Midas Cleaning

Midas data-cleansing is designed for multi-site asset-intensive organisations and is delivered as a cloud-based platform. The centralised SaaS platform provides the control and visibility essential for global legacy data-cleansing projects. Midas standardises and enriches your legacy MRO data to a corporate data standard, improving maintenance searching and “wrench time”, enabling strategic procurement, increasing asset up-time and leading to optimised inventory levels. Midas removes duplicates and generates multi-language descriptions directly into your ERP. Midas manages both the legacy cleanse project as well as ongoing governance, including the creation and modification processes.

The “as-is” situation

  • Incomplete and inaccurate descriptions, with divergent localised practices and inconsistent naming conventions
  • Duplicate items and inaccurate stock levels
  • Manufacturing cannot find items, purchasing cannot engage in pro-active strategic procurement
Midas Cleaning

Our Approach


  • Midas contains a complete set of dictionary structures to catalogue all MRO materials and indirect items, ranging from items in everyday use to industry-specific commodities.
  • The market-leading technical dictionary, developed progressively through cataloguing millions of records in multiple industries, is fundamental to the generating consistent and accurate technical descriptions, in multiple languages.
  • Dictionary templates are structured in the noun-modifier-attribute hierarchy, complete with all required value controls, number formats and value dependencies.
  • The Midas dictionary is compliant with international and industry standards including UNSPSC and eOTD classifications, and templates contain definitions and help-text to aid end-users, together with images and training manuals.
  • The Master Data Standards rule-book, standing alongside the dictionary and embedded inside Midas, details your corporate data standards and ensures that only compliant material master data enters your ERP.
  • The Midas vendor reference catalogue automatically matches your data with validated manufacturer and vendor catalogues.

Standardise Data

  • Midas standardises and enriches your data, employing approved dictionary structures and our large reference catalogue of vendor data.
  • The structured cataloguing process ensures the generation of consistent, accurate descriptions.
  • Midas identifies and removes duplicates during the cleansing process, ensuring the creation of golden, unique records.
  • The Infoplus cataloguing team record enhancement sources such as urls and technical data sheets, to ensure full item auditability.
  • Where appropriate, Infoplus subject matter experts raise tickets inside Midas which are routed to appropriate users for clarification and further inspection.
  • On completion of the standardisation and enrichment process, Midas generates multi-language ERP-ready descriptions.


  • Cleansed and accurate descriptions enable maintenance to rapidly search for the required item, improving maintenance wrench-time.
  • Structured descriptions populated with key technical attributes and vendor details enables procurement to multi-source and leverage MRO spend, bringing immediate financial benefits.
  • Accurate and compliant data leads to improved stock levels and ordering, improving asset life and plant uptime.
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