Material Master Data Governance

Legacy data-cleaning cleaning addresses one piece of the master data jigsaw. Master data governance is equally essential. Every organisation and ERP implementation is unique, and it is vital that your governance strategy is applicable to your specific business needs. Using our standard and highly configurable workflow software, our team of professionals design, build and implement appropriate master data governance solutions for large manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations. These strategies have a number of parts - standards, processes, software and resources - that we advise upon and implement alongside your team. The Infoplus MDM approach, grounded in the reality that you have multiple consumers of data, has the long-term firmly in focus, and includes data from global to warehouse levels across your entire operational business system and all entities. A successful data governance strategy ensures ongoing consistent, accurate material master data is created using approved corporate processes, approvals and controls, that dictionary standards are properly implemented and governed, that the correct internal and external resources are utilised, that the request process is efficient and visible, and that end-users can search and find materials, quickly.

The Costs Of Poor Governance

  • Lack of data standards and incomplete data entry protocols
  • Inconsistent, inaccurate, duplicated materials data
  • Incomplete item requests and inconsistent processes
  • Lack of visibility and metrics
  • Poorly performing ERPs
  • Procurement inefficiencies
  • Unscheduled downtime

Our Approach

Define a global standard

  • Define your dictionary structures, templates and standards
  • Using the "as-is" processes and workflows, define to the "to-be" state
  • Define technological platforms and systems integrations methods
  • Get business approvals and agree change management plan

Processes And Workflows

  • Configure governance processes and workflows as per "to-be" model
  • Business User Acceptance Testing and refinements in build phase
  • Update Functional Specification as required
  • User set-up, training and change management

Software And Technology

  • Configure governance software
  • Configure integration methods and streamline system communications
  • Systems Integration Testing and refinements as required
  • User training and change management


  • Agree Dictionary consultancy role and resources
  • Agree Business as Usual cataloguing resources
  • Utilise the Midas vendor standardised reference catalog
  • Agree management of change resources


  • Corporate-wide data standards and governance processes
  • Consistent, accurate and structured descriptions
  • Golden materials data
  • Prevent the re-introduction of duplicates
  • Controlled materials creation and modification processes
  • Controlled global and plant-level workflows
  • Highly visible process enables improvements, trouble-shooting and reporting
  • Swifter data creation turn-around times
  • Professional cataloguers and dictionary consultant ensure long-term data integrity
  • Eliminate off-catalogue and free-text spend
  • Enable on-going, long-term strategic sourcing
  • Improve operational performance and reduce costs
  • Improved ERP performance
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