Material Master Data Standardisation and Enhancement

Material masters are the largest and most complex of all master data types. In most manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations, material master data has been entered by dozens of individuals, over decades, to a variety of short-hands and standards, and with little governance. Data has accumulated both through everyday operating activities as well as mergers and acquisitions. End-users, manufacturing, purchasing, engineering and finance share the resultant common data challenges of duplication, inconsistent, inaccurate and incomplete descriptions. Often, small in-house data-cleaning projects have attempted to alleviate the problems. Infoplus MDM data cleaning solutions provide a stable long-term cure. Our implementations utilise leading software, are based on international standards and our market-leading technical dictionary, leverage our structured vendor reference catalogue, follow consistent processes and are delivered by a large team of experienced professionals. The outputs of the project are corporate-wide dictionary standards, consistent and compliant descriptions, and duplicate elimination. In other words, golden materials data. This enables efficient searching, improved asset utilisation and enhanced procurement activities.

The Costs Of Poor Governance

  • Lack of data standards and incomplete data entry protocols
  • Widespread duplication
  • Poorly performing ERPs
  • Poor search capability
  • Maintenance cannot find materials that are actually in stock
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Inability to share parts across the organisation

Our Approach

Define a global standard

  • Utilise our market-leading multi-language technical dictionary
  • Define data cleaning rules and standards
  • Define rules and processes for compliance and non-compliant materials
  • Define ERP-specific description output standards

Processes And Workflows

  • Build consistent and compliant technical descriptions
  • Enhance source data with external reference information
  • Link materials to bills of material
  • Create a single version of the truth

Software And Technology

  • Utilise the defined global standards for ongoing governance
  • Ensure the material master remains clean, structured and consistent
  • Define governance workflows and processes
  • Ensure the material master remains free of duplicates


  • Improve results and match your data to our structured vendor reference catalog
  • Modify the technical dictionary to meet your corporate standards
  • Largest and most experienced team of material master subject matter experts
  • Dictionary consultants guide you through complex transformational projects


  • Corporate-wide data standards and governance processes
  • Consistent, structured descriptions and a single source of the truth
  • Materials linked to global classification standards
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Improved searching
  • Reduce overstocking and eliminate stockouts
  • Reduce erroneous purchasing
  • Create the data foundation to embark on strategic sourcing
  • Improve operational performance and reduce costs
  • Improved ERP performance
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