MDM solutions typically cover materials, customers and suppliers, but services are high count, high value spend, and far-sighted customers recognise the value in standardising and governing service requests. Similar to material masters, service masters have invariably grown over decades, with little management, control and governance, and as a result data is unstructured and inconsistent. Resultant business analytics leading to cost savings are difficult to undertake without significant data manipulation.

Infoplus MDM service master solutions provide a long-term solution. Our implementations utilise leading software, follow consistent processes and are delivered by a large team of experienced professionals. Service specifications are entered only once, and the same service code is used repetitively, as required. The outputs of the project are corporate-wide dictionary standards, consistent and compliant descriptions, and duplicate elimination. In other words, a single source of the truth. This enables efficient searching, improved reporting and data analytics, and enhanced procurement activities.

The Costs Of Poor Quality Services Data

  • Lack of data standards and incomplete data entry protocols
  • Widespread duplication
  • Poorly performing ERPs
  • Poor search capability
  • Unscheduled downtime
  • Rogue spending
  • Inability to reduce procurement costs

Our Approach

Define a global standard

  • Utilise our market-leading multi-language services dictionary
  • Modify the dictionary for your industry and to meet your corporate standards
  • Define data cleaning rules and standards
  • Define ERP-specific description output standards

Standardise services data

  • Build consistent and compliant services descriptions
  • Structure records according to category, group and numbers
  • Link services to UNSPSC classifications
  • Create a single version of the truth

Create long-term governance solutions

  • Utilise the defined global standards for ongoing governance
  • Ensure the services master remains clean, structured and consistent
  • Define governance workflows and processes
  • Ensure the services master remains free of duplicates


  • Corporate-wide data standards and governance processes
  • Consistent, structured descriptions and golden data
  • Services linked to global classification standards
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Improved searching
  • Improved maintenance routines
  • Reduce erroneous purchasing
  • Create the data foundation to embark on strategic sourcing
  • Improve operational performance and reduce costs
  • Improved ERP performance
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