The vendor master is the repository of strategic data around suppliers. Over time, new vendors are added, vendor information changes, businesses rebrand and relocate, and some vendors merge and are taken over. Lack of management, control and governance of the vendor master leads to unstructured and inconsistent vendor data. Resultant business analytics leading to cost savings are difficult to undertake without significant data manipulation. Infoplus MDM vendor master solutions provide a long-term solution.

Our implementations utilise leading software, follow consistent processes and are delivered by a large team of experienced professionals. The outputs of the project are corporate-wide vendor master policy, consistent and compliant vendor masters, the identification of duplicates and the archiving of inactive vendors. In other words, a single source of the truth. Consistent guidelines and coding standards, and the accurate identification of parent and subsidiary companies at source helps ensure long-term vendor master integrity. This delivers improved productivity and enables improved procurement activities.

The costs of poor quality vendor master data

  • Lack of data standards and incomplete data entry protocols
  • Widespread duplication
  • Poorly performing ERPs
  • Poor search capability
  • Lost cash discounts
  • Erroneous, incorrect, duplicate and/or fraudulent payments
  • Inability to proactively manage suppliers and reduce procurement costs

Our Approach

Define a global standard

  • Define corporate global standards such as naming conventions and abbreviations
  • Define global fields such as addresses, payment terms, taxation, bank details, customs
  • Define regional and plant variations
  • Define rules for multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • Define ERP-specific standards

Create long-term governance solutions

  • Utilise the defined global standards for ongoing governance
  • Define governance workflows and processes for creation and updates
  • Define user access segregations and approvals
  • Ensure the vendor master remains clean, structured and consistent
  • Ensure the vendor master remains free of duplicates
  • One central, integrated vendor master

Standardise and Verification services

  • Build consistent, structured and compliant vendor masters
  • Research and review internationally recognised numbers such as DUNS, TIN and VAT
  • Parent-child linking
  • Return potential duplicate for resolution
  • Verification services to confirm tax and bank details
  • Vendor inactivation services
  • Review data for gaps, inconsistencies, errors and duplicates
  • Create a single version of the truth


  • Corporate-wide data standards and governance processes
  • Complete and accurate vendor records
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Archiving inactive vendors
  • Improved visibility
  • Compliance with regulations and internal controls
  • Create the data foundation to embark on strategic sourcing
  • Improve operational performance and reduce costs
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