Multi-site manufacturing and asset-intensive organisations are invariably burdened by inaccurate, incomplete, duplicated material master data. Data has been entered free-text, by numerous personnel, over decades, using various naming conventions and short-hands. Items cannot be identified, compared and differentiated, neither at individual plants nor globally. This impairs asset utilisation and leads to inefficient maintenance activities in operating facilities. The corporate is unable to leverage global MRO spend and engage in pro-active strategic procurement. Infoplus MDM undertake legacy data-cleansing to resolve historical data issues and implement master data governance to provide sustainable long-term solutions. You achieve corporate-wide dictionary standards, consistent and compliant descriptions, and duplicate elimination. Golden materials data reduces your global MRO spend.

The “as-is” situation

  • Lack of corporate data standards and agreed naming conventions
  • Maintenance unable to quickly identify parts
  • Procurement cannot compare items within and between sites
  • Inflated stock level holdings and spare parts spending

Our Approach



Define the corporate naming convention, data standards and methodology for creating new material master records in accordance with agreed corporate standards. Transition from diverse and inconsistent local, plant-level approaches to global material master data management and harmonised structured processes, where data works for users and data transitions to a strategic corporate asset.


Standardise Data

Harmonise and enrich decades of free-text MRO data into consistent, accurate, compliant and duplicate-free material master data, where materials are compared and swiftly identified across sites and languages, maintenance rapidly identify the required spare parts and minimise plant shut-downs, procurement multi-source and leverage global spend, and inventory levels are optimised.



Maintenance improve “wrench time” by swiftly finding materials, stockout avoidance reduces downtime and shutdown risks, consolidation of materials and elimination of duplicates enables optimised inventory holdings, procurement open alternative sourcing options through better material specification, reliance on costly OEMs is reduced, and the organisation focuses attention on the importance of master data.

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