Midas MDG

Midas Master Data Governance provides an elegant and fully configurable cloud-based environment for end-users to request, extend, modify and archive materials across multiple operational facilities, with appropriate defined workflows and approvals. The entire request process and approvals workflow is managed seamlessly inside the Midas application, encompassing all relevant master data fields, drastically improving the ease and accuracy of item creation. On completion of the request, approval and cataloguing process, compliant records are syndicated directly to your ERP. Midas MDG adds control and visibility to the new item creation process, as well as improving data quality at source, ensuring only compliant material master records enter your ERP.

The “as-is” situation

  • Local request processes with each site “doing their own thing”
  • Creation of duplicate requests and incomplete descriptions and inconsistent approval processes
  • Expensive SAP or Oracle implementation undermined by lack of spare parts data management
Midas MDG

Our Approach


  • Rapidly finding the right item is fundamental to plant operations. Midas MDG user-friendly search is accessed directly from your ERP and presents users with timely, valuable, accurate content.
  • The Midas google-like search provides end-users with swift and easy capability to find and order materials data. Searching can be fine-tuned with multiple filters enabling maintenance, inventory, procurement and supply chain to efficiently access critical information, quickly drilling-down to individual items.
  • Search results are presented in a simple and intuitive user-interface, allowing users to simultaneously compare multiple materials, combining all relevant data, descriptions, documents and ERP information including plant extensions, stock on hand, together with images and drawings.
  • Benefits of improved searching are increased maintenance hands-on-tools-time, improved inventory management, reductions in down time and stock-outs, and more efficient materials ordering.

Cloud solutions

  • Infoplus MDM provides integrated cloud-based solutions that generate accurate and compliant master data to improve your operations. Our modularised MDM solutions, delivered through the Midas platform, cover multiple master data domains including materials, assets, vendors and services.
  • Midas connects with multiple ERPs including SAP, Oracle and Maximo, and users access MDG through Single Sign On technologies for simple user access.
  • The Midas SaaS platform operates in multiple languages and offers simple-to-use, attractive user-interfaces.
  • Midas is also available as an on-premises solution if this is an IT and security requirement.
  • Midas enables digital transformation, both during the project implementation phase as well as ongoing Business as Usual mode.
  • Requests are routed via the Infoplus cataloguing team to ensure records are created as per defined corporate standards.


  • Midas MDG creates clean data at source. All new item requests pass through a structured cataloguing process to prevent the creation of duplicate items and to generate compliant descriptions, delivered in accordance with the agreed dictionary templates and corporate standards.
  • Descriptions are generated as per the agreed data standards and in accordance with the requirements of your receiving ERP, and are available in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.
  • Midas MDG eliminates unauthorised free-text data entry with the creation of centralised governance workflows and approval processes.
  • Workflows and approvals configured for your business requirements.
  • Maintenance and procurement utilise Midas search to rapidly find the required item.
  • Move from inconsistent local plant data entry to consistent global processes and workflows.
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