Midas App

The Midas hand-held application enables resources to undertake plant and factory walkdowns and physically inspect spare parts. The hand-held application operates both online and offline, and functions in extreme and remote working environments. The Midas app is accessed via a web-browser on your phone or downloaded from the app store. With the Midas app in hand, users can review and validate item descriptions, add missing information, check duplicates, respond to item queries and quickly take item photographs. The Midas app is highly configurable, enabling users to include stock counts or item condition during the verification process. On completion of the walkdown, the information gathered is seamlessly synchronised to the Midas cloud environment.

The “as-is” situation

  • Items need to be physically inspected to obtain additional information or respond to clarifications
  • No simple and auditable method for plant resources to respond to item queries
  • Requestors desire photographs of spare parts alongside the ERP item descriptions to aid item identification
Midas APP

Our Approach

Data collection

  • Obtain key additional data about spare parts, covering vendor information as well as technical detail such as dimensions or material.
  • Questions are raised about individual items, requiring plant users to walk the factory floor to physically inspect Items.
  • Items missing critical information and users require a simple and auditable method to collect data.
  • Physically inspect items to confirm or reject potential duplicates.


  • Photograph spare parts, automatically linking the multiple item photographs to the material master record.
  • Photograph name plates, allowing the cataloguing team to complete item cleansing and build complete technical descriptions
  • Upload item photographs to Midas and your ERP to enable requestors to rapidly identify the required item.


  • Enhance productivity of walkdown teams.
  • Replace “pen-and-paper” with a secure and auditable technological solution.
  • Improve item descriptions.
  • Provide photographs to end-users inside your ERP.
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