Midas Services

Unlike materials which are physically stored in inventory and handled and used for direct consumption, service masters describe externally procured intangible goods used for direct consumption. These services include maintenance tasks such as machine repair, plumbing, painting and housekeeping, transport and logistics, as well as consultancy services. The Midas MDM service module provides a software solution to manage and control this entire process, be the services planned or unplanned. Midas creates a service dictionary that is bespoke and based on corporate activity, though adhering to spend classification structures, enabling the generation of consistent and structured service descriptions.

The Midas MDM service master module utilises the dictionary to record the service category, description and unit of measure, and to create master data that provides a single point of reference, enabling the same record to be used repetitively. The approvals workflow for new services requests are managed inside Midas, including information such as Tax Indicators and Purchasing Data. On completion of the workflow process, compliant data and standardized tasks are syndicated in real-time at client-level to your ERP.

The “as-is” situation

  • Limited visibility and control over services spend.
  • Lack of consistent corporate spend classification structures.
  • Spend analysis hindered by unreliable data.
Midas Services

Our Approach


  • Midas defines a service dictionary relevant to your organisation and based on your actual historical spend.
  • Midas service dictionary adheres to global spend classification standards.
  • Midas service dictionary is delivered in multiple languages, enabling the generation of consistent descriptions in your language, be it English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch or other.

Data standardisation

  • Midas service master provides process, visibility and control over services spend.
  • Midas ensures all spend records contain the defined criteria, enabling appropriate analysis and control.
  • Midas services eliminates free text spend and ensures the delivery of consistent, concise, compliant descriptions, available in multiple languages.
  • Midas Master Data Governance for Services utilises configurable workflows to ensure that services requests pass through defined approvals processes, configurable to different services types.


  • Standardised business processes for service masters.
  • Standardised dictionary structures and naming conventions, adhering to international standards, ensuring new services requests follow corporate requirements.
  • Reduced procurement costs and improved analytics.
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