Midas Vendor

The Midas vendor module provides a comprehensive software solution for controlling and managing vendor master data. The module performs legacy vendor data-cleaning, as well as providing the initial data entry point for new vendor creations and updates in ongoing vendor governance mode. Each client, and each ERP, has different requirements for vendor data, be they suppliers or customers. The required fields typically commence with names, addresses and contact details, then rapidly diverge into a myriad of VAT, GST and bespoke tax codes, to mandatory national legislation requirements, to corporate specific and marketing information.

The essential point is that each corporate has distinct requirements, with each finance, marketing, sales and legal team seeking their own data for reporting and compliance. The Midas vendor portal is designed specifically for this complexity and the individual needs of organisations and diverse business units. Fields – both optional and mandatory – are defined and configured in Midas, together with field and number formats. The Midas configurable design ensures that vendor information is captured in accordance with the requirements of the receiving ERP. Midas workflows seamlessly route vendor creations and updates to the appropriate users and roles, both internal and external, ensuring compliance with the defined processes.

Midas communicates with vendors and end-users to obtain additional information and to upload documents, as well as to clarify ambiguous entries. Tickets are raised inside the application, ensuring centralised control of queries, and full visibility of all records. Midas dashboards quickly field fill rates and compliance, enabling BI and analytics, as well as pro-actively improving data compliance. On conclusion of the workflow process, the Midas vendor portal communicates in real-time with your ERP, ensuring key vendor information is accurate and up-to-date.

The “as-is” situation

  • Multiple (and differing!) vendor creation forms exist across the organisation.
  • New vendor creation process lacks visibility and defined processes.
  • Multiple duplicate and obsolete vendors across your existing vendor records.
Midas Vendor

Our Approach


  • Define the required fields, both for business and IT, covering names, addresses, contact details, tax codes and required financial information, together with desired marketing and purchasing fields.
  • Encourage business departments to define their required fields (such as product category or industry) and include these in the configurable vendor form.
  • Configurable end-to-end workflows for fields and approval processes to allow for different types of vendors (e.g. domestic versus international).

Data sourcing

  • Ensure vendors populate required data fields as per the defined standards and all mandatory information is obtained.
  • Allow vendors to upload into the vendor portal required information such as company registration documents or bank details.
  • Defined approvals processes to ensure that all new vendors are vetted as per corporate standards.
  • Raise tickets to query vendor incomplete requests to ensure that vendors provide accurate and complete information at source.


  • Transition from excel new vendor forms to a modern vendor portal.
  • Vendor portal provides visibility and control over the end-to-end request process.
  • Configurable workflows to review, reject and approve vendor requests, ensuring the creation of new and compliant vendors.
  • Eliminate duplicate and obsolete vendor records.
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